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Kingdom Design Studio’s biggest asset is their creative team. This makes a statement due to exquisite custom-created architectural solutions that reflect the client’s lifestyle. People’s reviews say that we do have the best creative team in Agra and that makes us the best architect in Agra. We provide innovative designs mixed with the touch of luxury to it.

Best home interior designer in Agra

Very professional...and best part is they customised every designs as per your requirement. we’ve got something else in addition with these teams!- The Vastu factor.

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Architecture Services Since 2013

Innovative Architecture is a Visual Art

Kingdom Design Studios is the best architectural firms in Agra. Not just to say but we have proved this over the years with our exceptional service in architecture. Among the famous architects in Agra, Kingdom Design Studios name duly stays on top of it due to our professionalism, work efficiency and modern and innovative architecture. Our creative team is well skilled and always comes up with unique designs for every client. The imagination that we put forward for our clients gives us the edge over other companies in matters of innovative architecture thus making us the best architect in Agra.

Further, we can say that our modern designs give your residence and workplace such a look i.e., well praised by everyone visiting it. Whenever there’s a discussion on the best architect in Agra, Kingdom Design Studio always has its name in the mouth of their clients because our creative team and modern tools gave them best designs which everybody can not. Over the course of time, we have gained fame due to our service efficiency in terms of client complaints, modern design, and professional labour & modern tools.

One stop solution for all your Architecture Problems in Agra

Do you wish to know what are the best architect design for your project ? Or do you want to know how long it will take the to completed? Kingdom Design Studios is the best architectural firm in Agra and gives you the details you ask for. Click on the button below to get a free Consultaion now.

Best Features

Innovative Architectural Solution

Architects are responsible to give a raw place a finished look that catches everyone's eyes at once. Kingdom Design Studios architects focus on brushing up their creativity and coming up with new and modern architectural designs. Among the famous architects in Agra, Kingdom Design Studio is one of them due to the artistic touch and exceptional innovative architectural solution they bring to the plate for their clients. Talking about innovative architectural solutions, it’s not that our firm just says it. Our team thoroughly works on clients' needs and demands and comes up with the best possible architectural solution including designs and budget too.

Best Architect in Agra

Architects that turn your dream into reality.

Kingdom Design Solutions has the best minds in Agra those who are considered as the best architects due to their experience and skills. The designs they curate are absolutely modern and innovative.

Design that blows your mind.

Our architects are skilled enough to bring in designs that you have never seen before. The designs they curate are beautiful and classy which is expected from top architects in Agra. The designs give your place an extra feather to its wing.

146+ quality checks before delivering.

We go through a thorough checking of the design during and after the construction. Our experts give the best design possible with zero flaws. This is what we do exactly which makes us the top architectural firm in Agra.

Enhances the luxury in your lifestyle.

Our team specifically crafts projects as per the briefs to create a modern and luxurious look. We provide design that enhances the luxury in your lifestyle. The final look that we give to your place depicts the richness you wanted and that makes us one of the famous architects in Agra.

544 drawing funished by us 540+ Drawing Completed
We perform 146+ Quality checks before installation 146+ Quality Checks
No hidden cost by Us No Hidden Cost
Hassel Free personalised architect design in Agra 350+ Unique Designs
180+ home architect dsign completed by kingdom design studio in Agra 180+ Homes Designed
Get free estimation cost in Agra from our design expert ₹₹₹ Best Quote Guaranteed

You are just a click away from Enhancing the luxury in your lifestyle

Personalised Approch

Our Process

Client Discussion

With our clients, our experts discuss points they want us to specialize with. After that, we go with the development & refining of the design. We discuss capturing the look, feel, & details.

1:1 Interior Discussion

We always develop and refine the design strategy by paying attention to what the client wants while also helping them think out of the box with our innovative ideas & Stretgy.

Core Concept

Our clients can give us a blueprint of how the project will be. We engage our team of experts to get the proper knowledge about architectural and interior designing concepts.

Technical Feasability

We have the top-notch tools and the advanced technological unit with the eminent workforce to work on the entire process to utilize technical feasibility. We use the latest & fully automatic tool to get the highest precesion & mimium errors.


As our team members plan out the project that will be fitting your property, we consider taking final feedback from the clients. Based on that, we set up the entire setup that will match your space. Then we start implementing it within the interior and exterior installation.


As our project gets ready, we involve our team to install all the units in place to create the look and feel that you want. Besides, we always pay attention to making the space look overwhelming. In this process, we regularly stick to taking valuable feedback from clients.

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We turn designs into work of art

Client Testimonial

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We value our clients as we value our work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions to architects by the customers

Basically Architects provide many services to their clients. People think they construct buildings but on a larger scale that’s the work of contractors and not Architects. The best architect in Agra provide the below services

  • Study of designs or drawings
  • completion of construction document and zonal analysis
  • code research and material research for their clients
  • interior designing, architectural designing and development management.

Basically, an Architect is the one who programs the clients building.

The sooner the better it is to hire an architect. If you are hiring the best architect in Agra from the beginning the construction can go smooth and flawless. If you are looking to find out the cost or the rough estimate of your planned project you can call for an architect.

Top architects in Agra are always ready to just give you an estimate of the cost of your project. On top of that if you are planning for home upgradation like 2nd floor or porches then an Architect is the one who can best explain and guide you.

To find the best architect in Agra you need to just go through a simple study. Research about the deliverables the architectural firms are providing. To start with, know about their experience and successful projects already done. Moving ahead you can research about their team and their creativity in designs for clients. If they deliver in time or not is also a big aspect to look for. Kingdom Design Studios is the one that has maintained every area of working to its best from the past 8 years.

You need an architect for all the answers to your questions of architectural designing at your place. An architect will help you plan out the designing, costing and execution of designs in your property. Be it your residence or office, an architect will give you a much better idea about everything. An architect will help you find the best possible contractor for construction of your building. You can search for Kingdom Design Studios which is one of the famous architects in Agra.

Well, a set of residential drawing includes, Site Plan, Floor Plans, Foundation Plans, Elevators, Sections, Plumbing, Strapping, Energy Analysis and General Notes. The quantity of the drawings depends on the size of project and scope of work of project

Coming to the time estimation, best architects takes time to complete this drawing depending on the following conditions

  • Scope and size of project.
  • Speed of architect’s work flow
  • Amount of time the client takes to make a decision.
  • Amount of detail shown by the architect typically.

In general a house addition project takes a time of 2-3 weeks. In bigger projects such as new houses the set of drawings takes up to 4-6 weeks.

Kingdom Design Studios, the top architect in Agra covers a variety of architecture designing. To start with the expertise of Kingdom Design Studio lies in residential, official, hospitality and commercial sectors. We also expertise in the health sector and do not limit ourselves to commissioned projects only. The architecture we provide is duly unmatched by anyone in Agra.

When we talk about the clients we work with, we have a diversified range of clients in the past 8 years. The contrast in our clients we have handled begins with hospitality and commercial professionals. Our client also ranges to property developers and aged care facility managers. But, we don’t limit ourselves to this much. We have wide spread our company and thus we are one of the top architectural firms in Agra.

It’s natural to be confused how to start. So, for the stars just bring in some examples to show us what attracts you or what you like about other buildings or developments. An image or sketch also works for us to understand your need and desire. The work ahead lies on us to interpret your thinking and wish list and put forward the best designs possible. This is what the best architects in Agra do.

Kingdom Design Studios can surely help you to get planning approval and building permits for your development. We will need a survey and your zoning. If you don’t have the zoning, we are going to call the town and find it out. Then, a zoning analysis will be performed to find out what can be done with your property. After this, the designing phase and construction document is carried out. Being the best architect in Agra, we also provide expediting services if you wish to.

The time taken by Architects for construction process is based on varied properties:

  • Contractor availability
  • Scope & size of project
  • Materials used for the project

After you hire an architect it depends if he is busy in previous projects or is free to immediately start yours. In general commercial projects take longer than residential projects or projects that are in smaller scale.

Client Testimony

Amazing service, would like to thanks Mr.Anuj for being so professional and amazing person. He understood my requirements and work to fulfill my expectations. Last but not least you are very punctual and always follow-up. Thanks Again!!!

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