Did you know, which type of Modular Kitchen in Agra is good or Bad for your home or flat?

What is Modular Kitchen?

Is cooking your passion but what about the cleaning process after each cook? Now, these days Modular kitchens are a new and innovative solution to the problems of traditional kitchens. Thanks to its functionality and durability, this solution facilitates everyday tasks in the kitchen. It is a modern kitchen that consists of modular units like trolleys, baskets, etc and cabinets made of different materials and equipped with the necessary accessories.

In other words you can also say that a modular kitchen acts as extra hands in the kitchen in order to ease your work. In order to get the best modular kitchen designs or for the kitchen interior you can contact interior designers in Agra

Six Types of Modular Kitchen Designs in Agra

There are six different modular kitchen layouts: L-shaped, linear, U-shaped, parallel, island, and semi-island, each with its advantages and different ways to use the work triangle.

  • L-shaped modular kitchen in Agra:

    This is one of the most common kitchen layouts; the L-shaped modular kitchen layout is ideal for small homes because it makes the most of the available space. It offers maximum storage space, and a small dining table can easily be integrated into the kitchen.

    If you are owning a 1 BHK or 2 BHK in Agra, our interior designers for kitchen interior suggest you to go with L - Shaped modular kitchen in Agra.

    Please check out the below images for L-Shaped modular Kitchen in Agra. These are Completed by Kingdom Design Studios known as KDS.

    L Shaped Modular kitchen Design in Agra L Shaped Modular kitchen Interior in Agra
    L Shaped Modenrn & Elegant kitchen Design in Agra
  • Straight modular kitchen in Agra:

    This type of Modular kitchen design in Agra differs from other layouts in that it does not use work triangles, and the workflow is based on straight lines. This layout is ideal for studios or apartments with a loft. It allows you to minimize kitchen space while maintaining optimal efficiency.

    Kingdom Design studios(KDS) have a team of professional Interior designers in Agra. Our experts are always ready to enhance your cooking experience with the best modular kitchen designs in agra.

    Please check out the below designs for latest & trendy Straight modular Kitchen in Agra. These designs are crafted by Kingdom Design Studios known as KDS.

    Straight Modular kitchen Design in Agra
    Straight Modenrn & Elegant kitchen Design in Agra
  • U-shaped modular kitchen in Agra:

    If you have a home with larger space or 3-BHK, 4-BHK with large kitchen space, a U-shaped kitchen layout is best for you. This layout offers the most efficient work triangle and the most storage space (lots of upper and lower cabinets and tall cabinets). It also has plenty of counter space, making it ideal for multiple people using the kitchen simultaneously.

    U Shaped Modular kitchen Design in Agra U Shaped Modular kitchen Interior desginer in Agra
    U Shaped Modular kitchen Design in Agra U Shaped Modenrn & Elegant kitchen Design in Agra
  • Parallel Modular kitchen in Agra:

    Do you have a passion for cooking? The parallel kitchen is the most efficient layout for you. It has two long work areas facing each other, divided into a "wet" and a "dry" work area. There is plenty of counter and storage space, making it easy to move around. Parallel kitchens are suitable for most types of homes and can be easily adapted to your needs.

    Parallel Shaped Modular kitchen Design in Agra
    Parallel Shaped Modular kitchen Interior desginer in Agra
  • Island Modular Kitchen in Agra:

    For many people, having an island kitchen is a dream come true. If you have space, this is a beautiful and modern option. It combines a straight or L-shaped kitchen design with a detached island space. The island can be used as additional counter space, a breakfast nook, a breakfast bar, or a favorite cooking station.

    It can also be equipped with a sink and stove. With two opposing work areas and storage space, this kitchen layout is perfect for open planning and entertaining.

    Island Modular kitchen Design in Agra
    U Shaped Modular kitchen Design in Agra U Shaped Modular kitchen Design in Agra
  • G-Shaped or peninsula modular kitchen in Agra:

    Like an island kitchen, a peninsular Modular kitchen design in Agra offers a separate workspace that can be used as a second counter, work area, or sitting area. Unlike an island layout, a peninsula layout is connected to the main work area and can be accessed from three sides rather than four.

    The semi-island layout is ideal for homes with small kitchen spaces, as it allows you to enjoy the benefits of an island countertop while taking up less space.

    G Shaped Modular kitchen Design in Agra
    G Shaped Modular kitchen Design in Agra

Modular kitchens VS Traditional kitchens

Modular Kitchens

Modular kitchen designs in Agra are prefabricated kitchens in which the cabinets and accessories are assembled according to the size of the kitchen. Cabinets are available in standard sizes but can be customised as per space with the variety of predefined & customised styles. Our kitchen interior designer can help you get the best modular kitchen for your home in Agra.

Traditional kitchens

Traditional kitchens, on the other hand, are built by local carpenters. They follow traditional, time-honored methods of woodworking. Local carpenters in Agra are normally finish the boxes by hand and often work on-site. In this case your kitchen interior or design layout depends on the skills and experience of a hired carpenter.

It can be painful for the long term. There is no designing or planning before starting the kitchen interior. It can make a huge dent in your pocket in future. In these kitchens, most of the part is fixed so it is difficult during the cleaning process.

Benefits of Modular Kitchen in Agra

  • Space optimization

    Modular kitchen uses the maximum space available. Modular kitchens are best in space optimization with modern accessories according to individual needs and space. Kitchen Interior designers offer multiple storage units & baskets like Crockery Basket, Glass Basket, Trolley Basket, Corner Basket, and can customize the storage unit as per your space & personal requirement.

  • Ease of maintenance

    Modular kitchen designs in Agra are designed after a good amount of brainstorming in its idea. They are designed in such a way that every corner is accessible and easy to use and clean.

    In modular kitchens, baseboards and fittings can be removed or uplifted for thorough cleaning. In the Modular kitchen, all cleaning stuff is placed under the sink cabinet. All cleaning stuff in one place can save a lot of time in a daily routine.

  • Installation

    The Modular Kitchen in Agra can be installed in as little as 1-2 days, allowing you to move in quickly and easily. The installation is seamless and hassle-free due to the expertise of workers who give modular kitchen designs in Agra.

  • Remodeling

    You can remodel or renovate your kitchen at any time by our Interior Designers in Agra whose specially trained in Kitchen interior in Agra. In the renovation or re-modeling process, You can also share your ideas for a dream kitchen that can blend in with the old ones.

    We can remodel your modular kitchen by resizing the cabinet as per space requirement and by changing the attractive color scheme. All the changes can be Completed within 2-3 days of work under the supervision of kitchen Interior design experts.

  • Design Choice

    Modular kitchens come in a wide variety of materials, finishes, and textures. The design options in Modular kitchen are almost limitless, and with this wide range of choices, the relative cost of modular kitchens has decreased over the years. Our best interior designers in Agra helping the customer to get the best attractive kitchen over the past 8 years.

How interior designer calculate the price for modular kitchen?

Modular kitchens are a smart way of life and modern homes are well accepted. Here, we will share the secrets of interior designers, how they calculate the price for a modular kitchen? we know it very well, everyone has a curiosity to know the modular kitchen with the price.

Lets take a deep dive into the modular kitchen price calculation. Below mentioned factors play the important role in the modular kitchen price caluclation.

  • Modular Kitchen size and shape

    Interior designers in Agra consider the size and shape of your modular kitchen to determine the price of the modular kitchen you will install. The designer also sets the price. More space means more price, and if you choose expensive styles, architects will charge you more.

  • Materials used and finishing materials

    The choice of material also play the key role in modular kitchen price in Agra. As a commercial plywood costs more than say the sea layer. There is a lot of type quality material available in the market for modular kitchens. Interior designers also help in picking quality as per customer

  • There is space for kitchen equipment

    If there are microwaves and grills, it will cost more than the top models of the counter. Modular kitchen price in Agra directly proportional to the numbers of the counters & trolley used.

  • Fittings and accessories

    Modular Kitchen Agra price is also determined by the accessories and accessories you decide to install in your modular kitchen. Like drawer channels, hinges and tandem boxes also affect the price. interior designer in Agra can help you choose the right accessories for your budget. In short, prices depend on the quality you used in the modular kitchen

  • Kitchen countertops

    Choose black granite as it is economical. Interior designers in Agra can help you choose modular kitchen countertops so that it blends in with your kitchen aesthetics. They ensure that the countertop colors match the colors of the cabinet.

Kingdom design studio's team first understands the client's requirement and analyzes the space then decides the modular kitchen style. After that, they move to the modular kitchen design part.


Now that you know the basics of kitchen design, it's time to look at your own home's layout and determine which layout best suits your space & needs. Modular kitchen designs in Agra, designed by the professionals will always guide you best in which direction to move ahead.

The end to end service provided by the interior designer in Agra ensures that everything happens smoothly, i.e., from designing to executing. So, wait no more and provide your kitchen the dynamic look you wish for.

Kingdom design studios have a separate professional & Experienced team for all types of kitchen interior in Agra. We have been doing the same since 2013.

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