How does home architecture design help in planning for new home construction from scratch?

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What is home architecture?

Home Architecture is the art and practice of designing and making buildings and other physical structures. It is a profession of designing buildings, open spaces, communities, and other artistic structures and environments, usually with aesthetic effect in mind.

Home architecture design often involves the design or selection of furnishings and decorations, the supervision of construction work, and the examination, restoration, or alteration of existing buildings.

Did you know which type of home architecture style suits your space?

Get the best home architecture style for your space from KDS

If you are trying to build your dream home , this blog is for you. Here is a list of the best home architecture styles. Sometimes you might get confused in your own ideas of what to choose and what not. In that case, having different home architecture styles can help you find the best for you.

Also, if you have an architecture style, combining your ideas with his technical skills and experience can lead to a wonderful outcome guranteed!!!

The architects of KDS are an expert to bring the wonderful outcome in your dream home with the help of architectural style and architect design.

This blog will also help you figure out the ideal architecture styles to design your dream home so you can build your own dream home.

7 most popular architecture style for your home
  • Villa style home architecture

    Villas type home architecture style is usually belongs to rich and famous owners.

    • They are designed as large, modern versions of traditional family homes.
    • They offer tremendous privacy and are designed to be self-contained.
    • The villas are spacious and meet every materialistic desire.
    • There are many extravagant amenities, such as lawns, swimming pools, and sun decks, driveways, and more.
    • The villas also offer many advantages of picturesque places, such as the beach, in the middle of the forest, hills, etc.
  • Bungalow style home architecture

    The bungalows are smaller, usually single storey version of the villa. Bungalow-style home architecture is suitable for single-family houses, bungalows are more traditional in their construction and design style and maybe less luxurious and functional than villas.

    • A bungalow is a style of a house or cottage, usually one storey or second, half or partial, built into a sloping roof.
    • Bungalows are typically small in size and are often distinguished by the presence of skylights and verandas.
    • The bungalows are cost-effective, easy to maintain, and relatively easy to change
    • The downside is that bungalows have smaller and fewer rooms than multi storey houses.
  • Apartments or flats style home architecture

    Modern urban lifestyles have led to the creation of nuclear families, which in turn has provided the opportunity for smaller and more compact housing.

    As people move out of their traditional family homes and often hometowns, the need for stress-free housing to meet the demands of smaller families in a confined space has led to the emergence of residential apartments.

    • Apartment complexes are usually built with unique amenities, such as swimming pools, gyms, convenience stores, and laundry facilities right on the premises or at least very close by.
    • Apartment complexes also invest in the overall security of their residents.
    • The locations of the malls are usually chosen by the community, and they are usually nearby apartments.
  • Environmentally friendly homes or Green Homes style home architecture

    Increasingly concerned about and aware of the environment around us, many Indians decide to go back to their roots and live their lives sustainably. From choosing environmentally friendly building materials to using renewable energy to manage real estate daily, people try to create a sense of harmony between themselves and the environment.

    • These homes are made entirely of natural or recycled material and warm the home naturally.
    • Earth-sheltered houses are built on the ground, mostly on a hill, where the Earth provides all its isolation.
    • Airtight houses maximize insulation with triple glazed windows, detailed, sealed walls and floors, and heavy doors.
  • Penthouses style home architecture

    The penthouses are usually characterized by construction features such as high ceilings, private terraces, roof gardens, and sometimes even private access to the lift. Due to their monetary value, the penthouses are also an adaptable and single storey, making them exclusive places of peace that offer a lot of privacy, natural light, and ventilation.

    • Penthouses generally offer adequate natural light and ventilation, as well as unobstructed views of the surroundings.
    • These houses offer more privacy than any other houses.
  • Modern houses style home architecture

    It is a building style that emphasizes functionality and a smoother form than ornamentation. This design aesthetic is a departure from more sophisticated and decorated homes.

    There are many new styles that architects use to make your home modern & Unique. What is important?

    • Giving a smooth texture,
    • Glass walls and large windows,
    • Open and well-defined floor plans,
    • Modern and traditional building materials
    • Asymmetrical designs with additional decoration.

    With the tips mentioned above, it is also important to note the points mentioned below.

    • Architecture Design: Modern designs for homes are picked as per the requirements and then discussed with the whole team to get a final structure.
    • Architecture Planning: Before proceeding, planning is always essential. Finding an architect isn’t tough, but a firm with better experience and outcomes is essential. Know how the planning goes and be a part of it for better understanding.
  • Farmhouse style home architecture

    A farmhouse is a building that functions as the prior quarter in a rural or agricultural environment. We all dream of having a farmhouse or love spending time there, but it’s not just a farmhouse that matters. It’s a design that matters. Living in a simple farmhouse can be tedious, but having additional features and new technologies can make it more interesting to stay in.

    Features architects must include in the farmhouse:

    • Furnishings and accessories you use should be comfortable and practical
    • Choose a room fresh and open from neutral.
    • Mix and match furniture, especially vintage and new.
    • Make use of as much natural material as possible.

There are many best architects near you that can help you make your farmhouse look more modern. But before that, understand theIf you are trying requirements of it and plan accordingly.

Before going into depth, let us understand the basic home architecture design.

What is home architecture design?

Home architecture design by Kingdom Design Studios

Home architecture design is a plan that focuses on meeting and satisfying needs and demands, creating living spaces using certain tools and especially creativity. Designers collect your requirements, adds on their creativity and help you get your desired home.

Similarly, it mixes design, understood as the creative process, and architecture, which is based on the creation and presentation of solutions on a technical level.

Home architecture design is an important component you must be aware of. Mixing both disciplines, the architectural design seeks the values and formal properties of works through spatial experience.

After all, architecture, and architectural design, consists of many elements and processes or stages that help you get your desired results. Let us see the main process of architecture.

The process of architecture for home design

Know about the architecture design process in very simple steps

When designing, building, or renovating buildings, appointing the main designers as architects and giving them a wide range of responsibilities can help you get the results quicker.

The architect for home design prepares preliminary sketches of the building, which have both appearance and interior design, and They then discuss these sketches with the clients until all parties involved have agreed that what they want has been shown.

Once these abstractions have been agreed upon between the clients and the architects, the architects prepare or check the preparation of much more detailed drawings and related textual specifications.

Architects for home design will have elegant drawings and specifications that describe many of the supple details of a building, such as piping, linings, window panes, and electrical wiring.

The below-mentioned stages in the design process of an architectural project are for the overall look, feel, and security of the project.

The steps are as follows:
  • Schematic design:

    The first step in the design phase is schematic design. The scheme is where the architect gathers information about the needs, style, and wishes of the project and then creates two to three design options for the client to review.

  • Design development:

    When developing the design, the architect takes schematic designs and develops them according to the approved design concept. At this stage, the architect must be notified of any changes that the client wishes to make to the design.

  • Building documents:

    The construction documents will be given to the contractor to build your project. The architect puts together drawings that have a lot of details and that the contractors follow during construction.

  • Offer:

    A tender is when an architect or client is looking for a contractor for their project. They offer the contractor a job by giving them tender documents with project details. These documents include construction documents and technical specifications.

  • Construction:

    Construction begins when you have found a contractor you like and have come up with a design concept that meets your needs. Your architect will contact your contractor throughout your construction phase to ensure that your project is built according to plan.

How can an architect for home design help you get your dream home? While everyone has their own plan

Before starting the work, the best home architect ensures that the design:

  • Meets the client's needs, including the features noted earlier.
  • Has conceptual integrity, using the same design rules throughout; and
  • Meets legal and safety requirements.

An important part of the architect's role is to ensure that design concepts are consistently implemented during implementation. Sometimes the architect is also an intermediary between the builder and the client. Having home architecture design can be an additional benefit in this process.

There is often some disagreement as to which decisions fall within the architect's remit and which are left to others, but it is always clear that the architect makes important decisions, including anything that may affect the usability, safety, and maintainability of the building.

Why is home architect design important?

Everyone has their own plan and dream home, but do you think it is possible without an architect? A home that is well planned and designed by an architect would let you with natural lights. Without an architect, the project of adding your home or building a new building can become much more complicated.

Below mentioned points will help you understand why home architect design is important:

  • Experience and knowledge

    Many homeowners have no idea how to turn their home ideas and dreams into a finished project, and they do not know the language of construction.

    An experienced home architect design can make it easy for you. It will make you understand how your home will look after the final stage. Having an experienced and great knowledge of these designs can be helpful.

  • Lifestyle considerations

    How do you live your life? Do you work from home, plan to have children, care for aging parents or have fun regularly? An architect does more than just draw house plans. Architects will listen to your ideas for your dream home and ask about your lifestyle and budget.

  • Green technology and functionality

    If you are looking for a home with the latest energy-saving technology, while being functional and aesthetically pleasing, hire an architect to design your new home. Architects are innovators and artists.

    They are up to date with the latest home technologies and incorporate these technologies into home plans that are both exceptionally functional and aesthetically pleasing.

  • 3D diagrams

    Architects have special software that allows them to create 3D diagrams on a computer screen so that you can feel exactly the project of your dream home. Dedicated 3-D software allows you to take a virtual tour of your home before it is built. This technology helps you feel at home and allows you to make changes based on what you see on your computer screen.

  • Drawings

    Based on the diagrams, the architects create detailed drawings that contain everything the contractor needs to know to build your house properly. Plans also allow you to ask for specific offers for your new residential project.

  • Negotiating assistance

    If you need help finding contractors and applying for the bids, your architect can offer advice and assistance in negotiations. Architects often know several contractors and home builders who are well suited for your housing project.

  • Project monitoring

    Architects can also supervise your construction project. Designs are a guide to building your home, but different builders can interpret them differently. The architect can act as an intermediary to ensure that your wishes and plans are followed and shortcuts are made.

    As you can see, an architect is so important for a new home or renovation project.

Top home architect design ideas in 2021

Modern architects view houses as fulfilling a purpose. Modern house design ideas are considered in terms of privacy corners, adequate lighting, room size, number of inhabitants, appearance, local climate, nature of inhabitants, house types, terrace, gardens, front and back yards, play areas. , detailed interiors, adapted and modified accordingly.

Having home architect design ideas can improve your designs and help you make corrections if there are any.

Below mentioned points are the home architect design ideas that can help you more.

  • Use your outdoor pool to mimic the shape of your pool.
  • Types of mirrors at different locations give an elegant look to your homes.
  • Chandelier for an attractive look to the home.
  • Mix corrugated steel, plaster, and concrete to get the perfect mix of modern and homely. This two-story residence on a flat plot of land lets in the sun and skylights up to the stars.
  • Using different materials in one area can highlight a room.
  • A beautiful balcony enhances the outdoors. Large open-frame windows make the most of this rural area, while glass railings allow for comfortable outdoor seating.
  • Roof gardens bring nature to man-made buildings. This residence makes its layers of stone stand out from a hill of palm trees, hanging flowers, and vines.


Your home is your own space. If you want to change your workspaces, you can put everything that is aesthetically pleasing to you. Home architect design ideas are an additional step that can make your efforts easy.

But everyone has 2 questions in their mind when planning a new home construction

Question 1: How can I design a good home?

Question2: Should I hire an architect or not?

Let us see how an individual can design a good home.

If you are like most future homeowners, you have a clear vision of your dream home. Finding the perfect home for your design preferences is unlikely, but luckily you can design it yourself!

With a little more than a sketchbook and some inspiring ideas, you can make your vision a reality.

  • Come out with a basic vision
  • Organizing and Refining Your Ideas
  • Finalize your plans

And when it comes to hiring an architect, the vision you have in your mind can only be possible in reality when you hire the best architect. Whether you are remodeling, upgrading, or building from scratch, the architect can guide you. Hiring a qualified team or architect can be helpful as they would recommend and turn out a better version of your thoughts.

Yes, if you have special needs or if you want a unique home, you need to hire the best home architect.

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